Structural investigation of the antibiotic and ATP-binding sites in kanamycin nucleotidyltransferase

Lars C. Pedersen, Matthew M. Benning, Hazel M. Holden
1995 Biochemistry  
Kanamycin nucleotidyltransferase (KNTase) is a plasmid-coded enzyme responsible for some types of bacterial resistance to aminoglycosides. The enzyme deactivates various antibiotics by transferring a nucleoside monophosphate group from ATP to the 4'-hydroxyl group of the drug. Detailed knowledge of the interactions between the protein and the substrates may lead to the design of aminoglycosides less susceptible to bacterial deactivation. Here we describe the structure of KNTase complexed with
more » ... th the nonhydrolyzable nucleotide analog AMPCPP and kanamycin. Crystals employed in the investigation
doi:10.1021/bi00041a005 pmid:7577914 fatcat:lea22gxo5ncmzbrhboibzcfk5u