Performance Characteristics of a 11kv High Tension Side Transformer Bushing Under Different Polluted Conditions

Smt Sumathi, M Tech, P Kishore Kumar
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
In Power systems the most critical component is the transformers. Transformer bushings are the insulation devices that allow power to flow into and out of the transformer. To a large extent, bushings are significantly affected by the type of environmental conditions and the performance characteristics of the bushings were also affected by exposure to different polluted cases. In this work, the performance characteristics of 11kV high tension side bushings were obtained during three different
more » ... ditions. For this 3-samples of identical 11kV H.T bushings were tested. During the first case clean bushings were tested in both dry and wet condition and the second case is for salt contamination in dry and wet condition and during the last case the samples are tested under urea contamination in dry and wet condition. From the experimental tests, the leakage current is observed with respect to applied voltage using measuring meters in the laboratory in all conditions and is then analyzed. From the experimental results, an increase in leakage current and decrease in flashover voltage of the samples is observed during salt and urea polluted condition. When compared to salt and urea pollution, urea pollution has more affect on the bushings which shows that proper maintenance to be taken in agricultural areas.