Apocalyptic Theme in Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

P. Pandia Rajammal et al., P. Pandia Rajammal et al.,
2019 International Journal of English and Literature  
SEVENEVES is a novel by Neal Stephenson which deals with the apocalyptic situation. It is an extraordinary science fiction that urges everyone to read the novel. The novel clearly forecast the events to be happen after two years at the time, when the moon split into seven pieces. Neal Stephenson in this book warned every people around the country that they should aware about the earth and the drastic change that is acquiring in the celestial body every day. This hard science fiction which deals
more » ... with the present event and moves to 5000 years after the formation of new human races. Stephenson introduced many scientific terms in this novel. This book alienated into three parts from the hard rain the formation of the human race. Neal Stephenson presents this novel in a futuristic mind. This paper describes about the traumatic fragmentation and reunion of humanity.
doi:10.24247/ijelapr20199 fatcat:napan65yrrfszfyig3xz265spe