Application of Volterra Integral Equations in Dynamics of Multispan Uniform Continuous Beams Subjected to a Moving Load

Filip Zakęś, Paweł Śniady
2016 Shock and Vibration  
The dynamic behavior of multispan uniform continuous beam arbitrarily supported on its edges subjected to various types of moving noninertial loads is studied. Problem is solved by replacing a multispan structure with a single-span beam loaded with a given moving load and redundant forces situated in the positions of the intermediate supports. Redundant forces are obtained by solving Volterra integral equations of the first or the second order (depending on the stiffness of the intermediate
more » ... he intermediate supports) which are consistent deformation equations corresponding to each redundant. Solutions for the beam arbitrarily supported on its edges (pinned or fixed) due to a moving concentrated force and moving distributed load are given. The difficulty of solving Volterra integral equations analytically is bypassed by proposing a simple numerical procedure. Numerical examples of two- and three-span beam have been included in order to show the efficiency of the presented method.
doi:10.1155/2016/4070627 fatcat:fuj23hjg2jaivi5lbqq4cxntb4