Empower Contradictory and Whimsical Culture in Gulliver's Travels Part I & II

B Damodhara Prasath
2020 Shanlax International Journal of English  
The culture contradictions in two grotesque lands provide the whimsical experiences of the traveler. Swift explains the culture and politics in satiric way. He mocked England's government and politics by describing the Lilliput and Borbingdang's ruling. The people's way of living expressed through their culture. The Lilliput was reversed from Borbingdang in all the ways. The Lilliputians has no reason, logic and justice in ruling. They followed certain culture in burial and in selecting
more » ... in the court which shows their stupidity. The Borbingdingians look for their country but didn't had perfectness in anything. The Lilliputians were little but have a massive view for their living, while Borbingdangians were massive but little in their thoughts.
doi:10.34293/english.v9is1-i2-dec.3687 fatcat:w262twwusrblxjndf2jpyaephi