Adaptive learning systems: Supporting navigation with customized suggestions

Sibel Somyürek
2014 International Journal of Human Sciences  
The aim of this study was to share the results from an experimental research which investigate the effects of link annotations in an educational hypermedia on students' navigation. This study was conducted through a post-test only control group design with 67 undergraduate students. The voluntary research participants were randomly assigned into the experimental and control group. The required data were collected through an academic achievement test, the Motivated Strategies for Learning
more » ... for Learning Questionnaire, the Non-Linear Media Disorientation Assessment Tool, a questionnaire about users' opinions and user logs. The findings showed that the perceived disorientation scores and revisitation rates were significantly lower for the learners who studied in the adaptive environment than those in the non-adaptive environment. It was observed that students' non-sequential navigation in experimental group increased significantly and they followed the system's advices. 56 research which investigate the effects of link adaptations in an educational hypermedia on students' navigation in terms of perceived disorientation, revisitation rates and non-sequential navigation. Disorientation Web-based systems provide instant access to a wide range of knowledge resources and flexible navigation which provides an opportunity for students to navigate freely by eliminating the requirement to follow a previously created path (Alomyan, 2004) . Web-based systems also give the responsibility of making decisions, such as where to go, how to reach current location and what to display next, to the students (Zhu, 1996, p. 26). However, navigation in web-based learning system is a complex task, and most web users experience occasional difficulties when browsing and lose their ability to find their way within large-scale environments (Höök, Sjölinder and
doi:10.14687/ijhs.v11i1.2663 fatcat:shfv7bvu7vgwlmtwcpox6ncx5e