Improved AntHocNet with Bidirectional Path Setup and Loop Avoidance
양방향 경로 설정 및 루프 방지를 통한 개선된 AntHocNet

Shams ur Rahman, Jae-Choong Nam, Ajmal Khan, You-Ze Cho
2017 The Journal of Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences  
Routing in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) is highly challenging because of the dynamic nature of network topology. AntHocNet is a bio-inspired routing protocol for MANETs that mimics the foraging behavior of ants. However, unlike many other MANET routing protocols, the paths constructed in AntHocNet are unidirectional, which requires a separate path setup if a route in the reverse direction is also required. Because most communication sessions are bidirectional, this unidirectional path setup
more » ... ctional path setup approach is often inefficient. Moreover, AntHocNet suffers from looping problems because of its property of multiple paths and stochastic data routing. In this paper, we propose a modified path setup procedure that constructs bidirectional paths. We also propose solutions to some of the looping problems in AntHocNet. Simulation results show that performance is significantly enhanced in terms of overhead, end-to-end delay, and delivery ratio when loops are prevented. Performance is further improved, in terms of overhead, when bidirectional paths setup is employed.
doi:10.7840/kics.2017.42.1.64 fatcat:5pekfrpxm5cdtmuyhc622tiblm