Hot Deformation of Quench Hardened Titanium Alloys As A Modern Production Method of High Strength Structural Parts?

Maciej Motyka
2019 Modern Concepts in Material Science  
Opinion Titanium alloys belong to advanced metallic materials used in hi-tech industrial branches, like aeronautics. They are considered as a hard deformable materials -usually hot worked at the temperature of 0.65-0.75 Tmelt. Quite narrow temperature range of hot working makes it difficult to form near net shape parts which do not require additional heat treatment. Industrial manufacturing processes of two-phase α + β titanium alloys -mostly used for structural elements -include usually vacuum
more » ... casting, initial plastic working of ingots at the temperature range of β phase stability, recrystallization annealing at the same temperature range and again plastic working, but at the temperature range of α + β phase Hot formed parts made of two-phase titanium alloys are heat treated dependently on demanded microstructure (lamellar, globular, bi-modal). High strength of structural parts is achieved by quench hardening/solutioning and following tempering/ageing.
doi:10.33552/mcms.2019.01.000518 fatcat:2g6fo26ksjhw7b3eduvzjd4lea