Magnetic resonance imaging study of orthotic balloon brace used for the treatment of pectus carinatum

Clifton Ewbank, Olajire Idowu, Taylor Chung, Sunghoon Kim
2018 Mini-invasive Surgery  
Aim: A compressive orthotic brace is considered the first line therapy for patients with pectus carinatum. We designed a brace made of a non-metallic binder equipped with a balloon which can be insufflated to apply variable compression pressure to chondrogladiolar pectus carinatum. The study aimed to study the effect of this brace on patients with pectus carinatum, dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies were obtained. Methods: Dynamic chest MRI studies were obtained on pectus
more » ... on pectus carinatum patients fitted with the orthotic balloon brace. Patient's vital signs and oxygen saturations were recorded. Results: Three pediatric patients were studied with the MRI. The variable pressure balloon brace provides effective compression and correction of the pectus carinatum deformity. The compression of pectus carinatum chest did not result in changes in vital signs or oxygen saturations. Conclusion: Dynamic MRI studies done on pectus carinatum patients showed that chest wall can be molded to a normal shape when a directional force is properly applied without changes in vital functions.
doi:10.20517/2574-1225.2017.51 fatcat:24on2fmayvhw3laa3gnjpoojsu