Measles among healthcare workers: a potential for nosocomial outbreaks

E Botelho-Nevers, N Cassir, P Minodier, R Laporte, P Gautret, S Badiaga, DJ Thiberville, L Ninove, R Charrel, P Brouqui
2011 Eurosurveillance  
We report here 14 cases of measles among healthcare workers (HCWs) in Public Hospitals of Marseilles, France that occurred between April and November 2010. All cases but one were under 30 years of age. Following the identification of these cases, we checked the immune status among 154 HCWs who volunteered to take part in the study and showed that 93% and 88% were immune against measles and mumps respectively. HCWs non-immunised against measles were all under 30 years of age.
doi:10.2807/ese.16.02.19764-en fatcat:5kw2kfay7vexteqk4bv5zgbkxu