Jam Sessions

Max Suechting, Jonathan Leal
2020 Critical Studies in Improvisation  
In this essay, we consider what musical improvisation can offer humanists interested in interdisciplinary cultural study. We begin by exploring our shared backgrounds as jazz-informed percussionists and our coincidental meeting in the same interdisciplinary graduate program. In the process, we identify key homologies between our musical and scholarly practices: namely, careful and constant practice; a deep commitment to listening; and an openness to conceptual translations across a variety of
more » ... ntexts. As we unpack these ideas, we draw on a wide range of artistic-theoretical texts, years of after-hours conversations, and occasional music collaboration; ultimately, we articulate, for each other and potential readers, that the dynamic, collaborative ethic required for successful improvisation nurtures scholarly interdisciplinary practice by valuing individual efforts as part of communal strivings.
doi:10.21083/csieci.v13i1.5795 fatcat:haztxru7jzcezhuwnqd4fottky