Dreidimensionale Darstellung der motorischen Hirnnervenkerne von Nervus facialis und Nervus abducens, sowie des Colliculus facialis im humanen Hirnstamm [article]

Alexandra Rachinger, Kreutzer, J., PD Dr., Paulsen, F., Prof. Dr., Strauss, C., Prof. Dr., Martin-Luther Universität, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
Objective: To develop a 3D-model of the complex consisting of the facial nucleus, the nucleus nervi abducentis and the facial nerve fibers to get a better spatial understanding of this functionally important complex and thus facilitate intraoperative orientation during neurosurgical procedures around the brainstem. Methods: One human brainstem was cut into 50µm thick slices after paraffin fixation. For identifying the motor nuclei of the facial and abducens nerve cresylviolet-stained slices
more » ... -stained slices were used, for the fibers we used silver nitrate-fixed slices. All slices were digitized, volumes of interest were segmented on the computer platform with microscopic verification. Segmented volumes were reconstructed three-dimensionally. Results: 3D-reconstruction provided a model representing the complex nature of the spatial relationship between facial nucleus and its fibers. Thus, the surgeon's idea of brainstem anatomy might be supported and the preservation of nerve function facilitated.
doi:10.25673/969 fatcat:pxqohtr2tbavllqhwiydfe7mvy