2013 Seibutsu Butsuri  
Enzymatic reactions are key components in the metabolic pathway and have been classified in several ways. We have also developed a classification system for the enzymatic reactions based on chemical transformation mechanisms. Using this classification system, we extracted and annotated conserved sequences of reactions from the KEGG PATHWAY database, successfully defined 33 functionally well explained sequences, and termed them as reaction modules. These modules often correspond to gene clusters
more » ... on bacterial genomes even though they are defined only based on chemical reactions. We also found that some modules are repeatedly used and/or combined with specific partner modules, indicating an evolutionary aspect of the metabolic pathway. 3P267 Lysozyme スーパーファミリーを用いた遠縁タンパク質間の フォールディング部位の頑健性についての解析 The analysis of the robust folding units among highly diverse proteins in the lysozyme superfamily
doi:10.2142/biophys.53.s256_6 fatcat:ot7ydlkhrfdsznkvzolh4foxdu