Various Ways for Increasing Production of Middle Distillate

2020 Petroleum and Chemical Industry International  
Currently, refiners are experiencing a big challenge due to the slow economic growth, over diesel production and decreased demand of it. Refineries are searching for technologies that could reduce diesel output, particularly the inferior light cycle oil (LCO) fraction. Here in, this article mainly we will describes the industrialized technologies for LCO processing such as LCO upgrading, LCO blending into available plants such as fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), and hydro-refining/treating unit,
more » ... LCO moderate hydrocracking, and LCO to some aromatic rich stream and also with gasoline with the integration of selective hydro-refining and resulting optimized FCC unit. It is analyzed that the LCO moderate hydrocracking can provide more gasoline at the expense of high H2 consumption, while LCO to aromatics and gasoline (LTAG) technology needs more steps for clean fuel production and retrofitting of FCC plant. Based on the analyses of current technologies, it is suggested that implementation of such technologies should consider the configuration of refineries, as well as the benefit of end users.
doi:10.33140/pcii.03.01.01 fatcat:obfebcckhffnxdofpv75ux5jhy