J E T $$ {J}_{E_T} $$ : a global jet finding algorithm

Yang Bai, Zhenyu Han, Ran Lu
2015 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We introduce a new jet-finding algorithm for a hadron collider based on maximizing a J E T function for all possible combinations of particles in an event. This function prefers a larger value of the jet transverse energy and a smaller value of the jet mass. The jet shape is proved to be a circular cone in Cartesian coordinates with the geometric center shifted from the jet momentum toward the central region. The jet cone size shrinks for a more forward jet. We have implemented our J E T
more » ... hm with a reasonable running time scaling as N n 3 , where "N " is the total number of particles and "n" ( N ) is the number of particles in a fiducial region. Many features of our J E T jets are similar to anti-k t jets, including the reconstructed jet momentum and the "back-reaction" from soft contamination. Nevertheless, when the jet parameters in the two algorithms are matched using QCD jets, we find that the J E T algorithm has a larger efficiency than anti-k t for identifying objects with hard splittings such as a W -jet.
doi:10.1007/jhep03(2015)102 fatcat:ilyqw2cp25hyphlffv2uurixpe