Extending Partial Representations of Circular-Arc Graphs [article]

Jiří Fiala, Ignaz Rutter, Peter Stumpf, Peter Zeman
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The partial representation extension problem generalizes the recognition problem for classes of graphs defined in terms of vertex representations. We exhibit circular-arc graphs as the first example of a graph class where the recognition is polynomially solvable while the representation extension problem is NP-complete. In this setting, several arcs are predrawn and we ask whether this partial representation can be completed. We complement this hardness argument with tractability results of the
more » ... representation extension problem on various subclasses of circular-arc graphs, most notably on all variants of Helly circular-arc graphs. In particular, we give linear-time algorithms for extending normal proper Helly and proper Helly representations. For normal Helly circular-arc representations we give an O(n^3)-time algorithm. Surprisingly, for Helly representations, the complexity hinges on the seemingly irrelevant detail of whether the predrawn arcs have distinct or non-distinct endpoints: In the former case the previous algorithm can be extended, whereas the latter case turns out to be NP-complete. We also prove that representation extension problem of unit circular-arc graphs is NP-complete.
arXiv:2108.13076v1 fatcat:om67almxgzhqdcqumg4ausqixq