Management of γ-Alumina with High-Efficient {111} External Surfaces for HDS Reactions

Yingrui Xu, Shunqin Liang, Limin Sun, Xiaoli Hu, Yuqi Zhang, Weikun Lai, Xiaodong Yi, Weiping Fang
2020 Catalysts  
A series of γ-alumina samples with different exposure ratio of {111} facet were synthesized by an efficient hydrothermal method via adjusting the pH value of the gel precursor. The nanorod alumina supported catalyst with the highest exposure of {111} facet exhibited the best hydrodesulfurization (HDS) activities of both thiophene and dibenzothiophene (DBT). Characterization of the sulfided NiMo/Al2O3 catalyst with preferential exposure of {111} facet showed that the MoS2 nano slabs were
more » ... to distribute in the direction along the edges of alumina nanocrystal in reduced stacking layers. The selective exposure of {111} facet played a decisive role in obtaining alumina-supported HDS catalysts with improved intrinsic activity. This work helps to better understand the relationship between catalytic properties and varied support surfaces, which demonstrate a proper design of the catalyst support morphology on the facet-level.
doi:10.3390/catal10111254 fatcat:4wpuvb2agfftbjifu5ewqay24q