From Sex Objects to Heroines—A Tough Road for Female Characters in Video Games

Adam Flamma
2014 Journal of Literature and Art Studies  
Female character in video games is the one of the most controversial topic in game studies and nowadays women's anthropology. From the beginning of role in games' plot to sexualized graphical representation, woman in virtual world were (and sometimes still are) a point of discussion about characters sexualisation and role of female sex in virtual industry. The main aim of this paper is to present analysis of female representation in video games and how in last 30 years it has changed. In other
more » ... ords, how female characters were ennobled from sex object to main protagonist status. In presented research, there were used mostly the examples of popular video games with extended plot and world which can be explored by protagonists. Video game historiography, textual analysis (which helped to treat video game character as a protagonist), and thematic analysis of video games were used as a main research method. The main conclusion of this paper is that female characters can overcome all gender or sexual stereotypes and even eventually became an icon of popular culture.
doi:10.17265/2159-5836/2014.05.009 fatcat:atmxlcaq6zhdladenkcbntnmdi