DNA-Minus Temperature-Sensitive Mutants of Adenovirus Type 5 Help Adenovirus-Associated Virus Replication

Stephen E. Straus, Harold S. Ginsberg, James A. Rose
1976 Journal of Virology  
Efficient potentiation of adenovirus-associated viruses (AAV) replication occurs in coinfections with either of two DNA-minus temperature-sensitive mutants of adenovirus type 5 (Ad5), ts125 and ts149. The helper activity of these mutants does not result from leakiness. At the nonpermissive temperature (39.5 C) there was little or no detectable adenovirus DNA synthesis, and only a relatively low level of adenovirus transcription was observed. However, the synthesis of AAV DNA and RNA and the
more » ... and RNA and the yield of infectious AAV were comparable in amounts to those found when wild-type Ad5 was the helper. Furthermore, an apparent lag in the initiation of AAV transcription after the onset of AAV DNA synthesis was seen in coinfections with both wild type or ts125. These findings strongly suggest that the adenovirus factor(s) required for AAV multiplication is produced early in the adenovirus cycle. In addition, it is likely that if AAV multiplication is linked to adenovirus DNA replication, this requirement does not include all factors directly needed for adenovirus DNA synthesis.
doi:10.1128/jvi.17.1.140-148.1976 fatcat:pq33ijkwqfbkredpkk2mk5hlfy