Hardness of Approximation for Knapsack Problems

Harry Buhrman, Bruno Loff, Leen Torenvliet
2014 Theory of Computing Systems  
Hardness of approximation for Knapsack problems Buhrman, H.M.; Loff, B.F.L.; Torenvliet, L. Abstract We show various hardness results for knapsack and related problems; in particular we will show that unless the Exponential-Time Hypothesis is false, subsetsum cannot be approximated any better than with an FPTAS. We also provide new unconditional lower bounds for approximating knapsack in Ketan Mulmuley's parallel PRAM model. Furthermore, we give a simple new algorithm for approximating knapsack
more » ... and subset-sum, that can be adapted to work for small space, or in small parallel time.
doi:10.1007/s00224-014-9550-z fatcat:qwgirc5sifa6flvmb7imrkcmpi