Assessing Antimicrobial Efficacy

Gerald D. Mechor
An effective records system can be utilized in a variety of ways in most intensive animal husbandry systems. Individual animals can be tracked to assess diseases they have been treated for as well as the treatments provided to them. The information provided to us regarding disease frequency can guide decision making processes regarding vaccination protocols and prophylactic measures to reduce the impact of these diseases in the future. The records system should also provide us information
more » ... ing the antibiotics utilized for treatment of infectious diseases and the length of time the antibiotics were provided to the animal. Information regarding the type of antibiotic utilized and time it was administered to the animal is crucial information for determining if adequate withdrawal time has been achieved and the animal can be safely shipped for slaughter.
doi:10.21423/aabppro19916736 fatcat:7opjj2pbxfcztnag7j5zve7vl4