On Security Analysis of Periodic Systems: Expressiveness and Complexity

Musab Alturki, Tajana Kirigin, Max Kanovich, Vivek Nigam, Andre Scedrov, Carolyn Talcott
2021 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy   unpublished
Development of automated technological systems has seen the increase in interconnectivity among its components. This includes Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 (I4.0) and the underlying communication between sensors and controllers. This paper is a step toward a formal framework for specifying such systems and analyzing underlying properties including safety and security. We introduce automata systems (AS) motivated by I4.0 applications. We identify various subclasses of AS that reflect
more » ... different types of requirements on I4.0. We investigate the complexity of the problem of functional correctness of these systems as well as their vulnerability to attacks. We model the presence of various levels of threats to the system by proposing a range of intruder models, based on the number of actions intruders can use. System Model FCP SP-FCS SP-FCS with an Intruder using only one action AS PSPACE-Complete [Th.4.11, Th.4.12] In PSPACE [Th.5.5] PSPACE-Hard [Th.5.5] PAS PSPACE-Complete [Th.4.11, Th.4.12] In PSPACE [Th.5.5] PSPACE-Hard [Th.5.5] LAS coNP-Complete [Th.4.13, Th.4.14] In PSPACE [Th.5.5] PSPACE-Hard [Th.5.5]
doi:10.5220/0010195100430054 fatcat:gzu3z26i7rectciq2l56nzvomq