Leslie Hernández Fernández, Claudia Bustamante López
The conditions of the populations of Acropora palmata in four reef crests of the Jardines de la Reina National Park (PNJR) are studied, as it is one of the most representative species of the protected area. Monitoring was done in February 2017 and the results were compared with those obtained in February 2016. Linear density, average diameter, percentages of old death, recent death and of live coral cover, were taken into account as ecological indicators. 20 transects (10 m long) were placed in
more » ... each site. A total of 345 colonies were analyzed. La Puntica site showed significant differences: a decrease in living coral cover and an increase in the percentage of old death in 2017, compared to 2016. The cause of these differences could be related to both natural (meteorological) and anthropogenic factors. These results should be taken into account to establish a conservation strategy for A. pal-revIsTa INvesTIGaCIONes MarINas