Second order in mass ratio radiative-recoil corrections to hyperfine splitting in muonium

M.I. Eides, H. Grotch, V.A. Shelyuto
1998 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements Digest (Cat. No.98CH36254)  
Radiative-recoil corrections to hyperfine splitting in muonium of orders α(Zα)(m/M ) 2 E F and (Z 2 α)(Zα)(m/M ) 2 E F are calculated. These corrections are of the second order in the small electron-muon mass ratio. An analytic expression [(−6 ln 2 − 3 4 )α(Zα) − 17 12 (Z 2 α)(Zα)]( m M ) 2 E F is obtained. Numerically the correction is equal to −0.0351 kHz and is of the same order of magnitude as the expected accuracy of the current Los Alamos experiment to measure the hyperfine splitting.
doi:10.1109/cpem.1998.699786 fatcat:jfhoxrzp6ff4vlfk6tnuq33nuy