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2007 Journal of Virology  
There are one major and two minor binding sites for eEF1A on the West Nile virus (WNV) genomic 3Ј-terminal stem-loop RNA. Davis et al. (p. 10172-10187) introduced mutations into the major binding site in a WNV infectious clone. Mutations that decreased eEF1A binding activity for the viral RNA in vitro decreased viral minus-strand RNA synthesis, whereas mutations that increased binding increased minus-strand synthesis. eEF1A coprecipitated and colocalized with flavivirus replication complex
more » ... cation complex proteins and bound to the 3Ј RNAs of divergent flaviviruses. These results support the functional relevance of the viral RNA-eEF1A interaction for flavivirus minus-strand RNA synthesis.
doi:10.1128/jvi.01609-07 fatcat:6p64q7lunzagdcbwzsomo55oi4