DNA by Mail: Ensure DNA Integrity by use of Self-Drying Buccal Swabs

Nicole Bauer, Rene Rohrmanstorfer, Stefanie Zelch, Daniel Wallerstorfer, Sheri Hunt, Chung Hyun, Valentina Kazlova
2017 Lettters in Health & Biological Sciences  
The goal of this research was to evaluate the quantity and quality of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) material collected by at-home-sampling using self-drying buccal swabs in a sterile, laboratory setting compared against a 10,000+ subject sample of real-world swabs processed by consumers and analyzed by a hub-lab of the Sponsor using the same extraction and analysis methodology. Buccal swab DNA concentration was observedon two variables: DNA concentration over time, and DNA sample response to environmental conditions.
doi:10.15436/2475-6245.17.020 fatcat:kziid2nkjffktdbtafzipkp3wa