2020 Humanities science current issues  
The article reports on research into the problem of reasonability to seek for techniques and means of critical thinking enhancing in foreign language learners at non-linguistic universities as the demand of the 21 st century. The current study investigates basic methodological innovations relevant to applying active, interactive or dialogue methods of teaching, aimed at redirecting teaching activities from informative and illustrative to organizational. Efficient practice-centered pedagogical
more » ... tered pedagogical technologies that engage and encourage a cognitive autonomous student activity, promote in-depth study and mastering training materials, enhance independent study, develop and form critical thinking are researched. An autonomous cognitive student activity in teaching and learning foreign languages at non-linguistic universities is studied as a major type of academic activity which is carried out and monitored by students due to their ongoing and final assessment on the basis of external indirect system management by the teacher. It is emphasized that the technology of enhancing and promoting critical thinking contributes to the formation of the potential specialist's readiness for further self-education and lifelong learning in order to constantly improve their skills and even, if necessary, get a new profession. It is emphasised that the intensification of independent cognitive activity in the educational process, as the realities today are such that the modern social demand focuses on preparing students for an autonomous cognitive activity in the educational process in higher education and later in professional activities. The article concerned with one of the primary problems to be solved by higher education -improving the quality of training -has the following priorities: graduates of higher education institutions must be competent not only within the curriculum of academic disciplines, but to obtain appropriate knowledge, skills application of this knowledge in practice, methods of conducting research activities, as well as to carry out an independent search for new knowledge and scientific data, to develop independently and be engaged in self-education, while practising critical thinking. Ольга НІКОЛАЄНКО, старший викладач кафедри іноземних мов професійного спрямування Національного університету «Чернігівська політехніка» (Чернігів, Україна) Тетяна УШАТА, старший викладач кафедри іноземних мов професійного спрямування Національного університету «Чернігівська політехніка» (Чернігів, Україна) ФОРМУВАННЯ КРИТИЧНОГО МИСЛЕННЯ НА ЗАНЯТТЯХ З ІНОЗЕМНОЇ МОВИ В СТУДЕНТІВ НЕЛІНГВІСТИЧНИХ ЗАКЛАДІВ ВИЩОЇ ОСВІТИ ЗАСОБАМИ ЧИТАННЯ ТА ПИСЬМА Стаття присвячена проблемі пошуку способів розвитку критичного мислення, що відповідає рівню XXI століття. Розглянуто основні методичні інновації, пов'язані з застосуванням активних, інтерактивних або діалогових методів навчання, спрямованих на переорієнтацію діяльності викладача від інформаційної до організаційної.
doi:10.24919/2308-4863.4/31.214294 fatcat:fxzo2pbg2rb6rd4v56nvfbmvbi