PRACA ORYGINALNA Świadomość nadciśnienia tętniczego a palenie papierosów wśród dorosłych Polaków Hypertension awareness and tobacco smoking among Polish, adult citizens

Adres Do, Lek Łukasz, Balwicki Zakład, Zdrowia Publicznego, Społecznej Medycyny, Gdańskiego, Łukasz Balwicki, Tomasz Zdrojewski², Piotr Bandosz², Łukasz Wierucki², Bogdan Wyrzykowski²
Arterial hypertension (HT) is one the most frequent cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factor. When the doctor recognizes hypertension he should search for and treat not only HT but also the other risk factors, especially cigarette smoking. Material and methods In 2002 year, we conducted national , cross sectional epidemiological survey NATPOL PLUS aimed to assess prevalence and control of main risk factors in Poland. In the representative sample of 3051 adults (age 18-94, 1664 F, 1387 M) we
more » ... 4 F, 1387 M) we performed questionnaires , blood pressure and antropometric measurements , as well as laboratory tests. Results Analyses were done in a group of 809 patients with HT. HT diagnosis was based on three separate series of measurements. Correlation between HT awareness and cigarette smoking was found. In smokers (n = 218) only 53.5% of subjects were aware of HT. In nonsmokers (n = 422) this proportion was equal to 65.0%. Among patients aware of HT (n = 495, 61.2% of all subjects with HT) there were 23.6% of smokers, 55.4% of nonsmokers, and 21.0% of ex-smokers. Among patients unaware of HT (n = 314) corresponding figures were: 32.3%, 47.1%, 20.6% (p < 0.05). We also asked all patients with HT the question about their knowledge on methods to prevent CVD. Smoking cessation was mentioned by 45.8% of smokers and 32.2% of ex-smokers (p < 0.001). Only 12.1% of smokers and 18.8% of ex-smokers with HT declared giving up smoking as a method they used to prevent heart disease