Study and simulation of electron transport in Ga-=SUB=-0.5-=/SUB=-In-=SUB=-0.5-=/SUB=-Sb based on Monte Carlo method

B. Bouazza, Y. Belhadji, N. Massoum, A.A. El Ouchdi
2017 Журнал технической физики  
This work addresses the issue related to the electronic transport in the III−V ternary material Ga 0.5 In 0.5 Sb using Monte Carlo method. We investigated the electronic motion in the three valleys Ŵ, L, and X of the conduction band. These three valleys are isotropic, non-parabolic and centred on the first Brillouin zone. In our study, we included scatterings with ionised impurities, acoustic and polar optical phonons, as well as, intervalley and intravalley interactions. We discussed the
more » ... discussed the electronic transport characteristics at the stationary and the transient regimes in function of temperature and electric field.
doi:10.21883/ftp.2017.12.45179.8052 fatcat:mgqncclsjnd6tbjfoetjvxxtqq