Analysis on induced lightning of an existing distribution line and a distribution line including a neutral wire using a down scaled simulation line model

Do-young Kim, Jang-young Choi, Jeom-sik Kim
2013 22nd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution (CIRED 2013)   unpublished
This paper presents the most efficient induced lightning shielding method by changing ground resistances and grounding places in various ways in order to analyze the effect of ground resistance according to grounding places suitable for multi-grounding, as well as the effect of ground resistance according its connection. This study proposed a distribution line including an overhead wire commonly used as a neutral wire and examined the induced lightning shielding effect by proposing a line
more » ... posing a line consisting of an overhead ground wire and a neutral wire in a 22.9kV transmission line structure. To do so, this study made a simulation line by down scaling the structure of an existing multi-grounding type 22.9kV distribution line to 50:1 and performed tests on this simulation line. As a result, it is thought that even though an existing line is replaced with a line that includes a neutral wire, system stability can be secured. It can be seen that for every distribution line it is more efficient for the improvement of system stability to ground all poles even though ground resistance is a little higher, rather than to install a ground wire with low ground resistance.
doi:10.1049/cp.2013.0798 fatcat:wnsh3qjypvce5caouljgvvoanm