Moving Identities: An Exploration of the Lived Experiences of Chinese International Students at a Private School in Ontario [thesis]

Erin Benincasa
The growing trend of Chinese international student migration to Ontario has become a hot topic of discussion among government officials, the news media, and in the education sector. Through these discussions, the Chinese youth who participate in this temporary educational migration are framed as both psychologically fragile due to separation from families or culture, and hardworking, responsible economic assets. This process of framing becomes even more complex when we consider the discourses
more » ... er the discourses of globalization and neoliberalism in the global education industry and the industries that surround it. This thesis examines how Chinese youth navigate and form their own identities through their experiences of coming to study at a private school in Ontario. 6 Angela Veale and Giorgia Dona "Complex Migrations, the migrant child and globalization" in Child and Youth Migration
doi:10.22215/etd/2018-13313 fatcat:j2w2bzxk35alrjqn2ldmsjvwta