Comparing and predicting between several methods of measurement

B. Carstensen
2004 Biostatistics  
In studies designed to compare different methods of measurement where more than two methods are compared or replicate measurements by each method are available, standard statistical approaches such as computation of limits of agreement are not directly applicable. A model is presented for comparing several methods of measurement in the situation where replicate measurements by each method are available. Measurements are viewed as classified by method, subject and replicate. Models assuming
more » ... odels assuming exchangeable as well as non-exchangeable replicates are considered. A fitting algorithm is presented that allows the estimation of linear relationships between methods as well as relevant variance components. The algorithm only uses methods already implemented in most statistical software.
doi:10.1093/biostatistics/kxg043 pmid:15208202 fatcat:bxlp6vej3rb2vbrzginawr2jja