Application Of Fenugreek Seed Gum: In Novel Drug Delivery

Ajay Kumar Shukla, Manish Kumar, Ram Bishnoi, Chandra Jain
2017 Asian Journal of Biomaterial Research   unpublished
Aim: To prepare review on application of fenugreek seed gum: in novel drug delivery Method: Various research paper were collected and compilation of study reported in these paper were presented in this review. Results: Fenugreek gum, have polysaccharide galactomannans chemical constituents. Polysaccharides play most important roles in pharmaceutical formulation fields as thickening, gelling, emulsifying, and suspending agents. The isolation of fenugreek gum are done with water/dilute alkali; so
more » ... that the product yield comes different 13.6 to 38%, production of gum depends on the fenugreek seed variety and extraction methods. Fenugreek gum is widely grown; therefore its sustainable supply is well sure and cost economic crop. Conclusion: We express all the significant aspects of Fenugreek seed gum, contributing for its role in biopharmaceutical applications.