Cytokine production associated with smallpox vaccine responses

Whitney L Simon, Hannah M Salk, Inna G Ovsyannikova, Richard B Kennedy, Gregory A Poland
2014 Immunotherapy  
Smallpox was eradicated 34 years ago due to the success of the smallpox vaccine; yet, the vaccine continues to be studied because of its importance in responding to potential biological warfare and the adverse events associated with current smallpox vaccines. Interindividual variations in vaccine response are observed and are, in part, due to genetic variation. In some cases, these varying responses lead to adverse events, which occur at a relatively high rate for the smallpox vaccine compared
more » ... ith other vaccines. Here, we aim to summarize the cytokine responses associated with smallpox vaccine response to date. Along with a description of each of these cytokines, we describe the genetic and adverse event data associated with cytokine responses to smallpox vaccination. •• Several gene SNPs, including those in the IRF-1, IL- 18, IL-4 and IL-1 genes, were linked to adverse event development, particularly the presence or absence of fever. This is supportive of the idea that immunogenetic differences can lead to varying immune responses to the smallpox vaccine. 21 Ennis FA, Cruz J, Demkowicz WE Jr, Rothman AL, McClain DJ. Primary induction of human CD8 + cytotoxic T lymphocytes and interferon-gamma-producing T cells after smallpox vaccination.
doi:10.2217/imt.14.72 pmid:25428648 pmcid:PMC4263415 fatcat:fec7ujzma5eifomiukcaaowtjy