Shin'i-Seihai-To (TJ-104) Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis

Yuichi Majima, Yasuo Sakakura, Fumi Hamaguchi, Sumiko Murai
1992 Practica Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica  
This study was desiged to determine the effectiveness of Tsumura Shin' i-seihai-to (TJ-104), a Kampo medicine, in chronic sinusitis. The subjects of this study were 30 patients aged 19 to 80 years, who received TJ-104 7.5 g p. o. per day for four weeks. The general effectiveness of TJ-104 on subjective symptoms and rhinoscopic observations was 69.0%. Nasal mucociliary clearance (ST) was determined by the saccharin method in 28 subjects before (week 0) and four weeks after the start of the
more » ... stration (week 4). At week 0, ST was within the normal range in 15 patients, and was retarded in 13 patients. At week 4, ST was significantly better than at week 0 in those patients whose ST was retarded before treatment (p <0.001). No significant difference was observed in either the elasticity (G') or the viscosity (ii') of nasal mucus between week 0 and week 4. It was concluded that 1) TJ-104 can improve reduced nasal mucociliary clearance, 2) TJ-104 has no effect on reducing the viscoelasticity of the nasal mucus, and 3) TJ-104 is considered to be a useful drug for the conservative treatment of chronic sinusitis.
doi:10.5631/jibirin.85.1333 fatcat:bqlejiu34zgp3kvv2m464bsqqe