Diagnostic Images of the Ocular Fundus Using a Low-Cost Portable Endoscope in Premature Patients at Risk of Developing Retinopathy of Prematurity

Luz Consuelo Zepeda-Romero, Jose Alfonso Gutierrez Padilla, Daniel Perez-Rulfo Ibarra, Jaime Orozco-Perez, Rodrigo Alonso Delgadillo, Lilia Paulina Rodríguez, Guillermo Yanowsky-Reyes
2020 Journal of Ophthalmology  
The purpose of this article is to describe how fundus images are obtained using a low-cost device: the "Visual Ear Wax Cleaner Tool" portable endoscope (Soonhua Inc., China) connected to a smartphone, after installation of free applications ("Inskam" and "CameraFI") using the smartphone screen as a monitor and after medication mydriasis, local anesthesia, and blepharostat placement. With this endoscope, video recording and fundus imaging are easily performed, for the case of patients at the
more » ... of developing retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), facilitating timely screening in order to start treatment in patients who require it. This fundus imaging technique shares certain similarities with the RetCam® (Clarity, Pleasaton California) system, which performs real-time fundus imaging providing the ability to record and document findings and capture images from the video footage, with high quality and definition, although with a smaller angle of vision. The capture of images using a smartphone allows storing and sharing the images. These are devices which are generally accessible and portable and which use simplified energy sources, requiring very simple training. The low-cost, easy-to-learn technique and quick sharing of images through communication networks make this a tool to be considered for the practice of telemedicine.
doi:10.1155/2020/5864565 pmid:32587762 pmcid:PMC7301237 fatcat:zgmq5gmwsndahnzya7eljpve5q