Satisfaction Guaranteed?

2002 Science  
A constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) model can be preprocessed to ensure that any choices made will lead to solutions, without the need to backtrack. This can be especially useful in an interactive context in which different users access the model to make choices on-line, e.g. in e-commerce configuration. The conventional machinery for ensuring backtrack-free search, however, adds additional constraints, which may require an impractical amount of space. A new approach is presented here that
more » ... resented here that achieves a backtrack-free representation by removing values. This may limit the choice of solutions, but we are guaranteed not to eliminate them all. Experimental experience suggests that the trade-off for users between processing effort and solution loss may be worthwhile.
doi:10.1126/science.297.5582.733c fatcat:iwpnl2igmzbxfn7qxalif66ofq