Analysis of the Current-Fed Push-Pull Parallel Resonant Inverter Implemented with Unidirectional Switches

M.M. Peretz, S. Ben-Yaakov
IEEE 36th Conference on Power Electronics Specialists, 2005.  
A self-adjusting sinusoidal power source for highfrequency AC distributed power bus is presented and tested experimentally. The power inverter is based on a Current-Fed Push-Pull Parallel-Resonant Inverter (CFPPRI), which includes a variable inductor and a frequency tracking mechanism to insure soft switching. The power source can drive reactive, non-linear, switched and non-constant loads with a sinusoidal signal at a desirable frequency. The response of the power driver to a 60% to 100% step
more » ... a 60% to 100% step in the load power was found to stabilize within three high frequency cycles.
doi:10.1109/pesc.2005.1581731 fatcat:3ublngciybak7kxfkuw6vcchpy