Intelligent Transportation System [chapter]

2001 Transportation Engineering Basics  
Being fully convinced that Nigeria and Nigerians are still unaware of the potentials of ITS, this project points the 'satellite of knowledge of ITS 'as the solution to the National traffic congestion, this work has done justice to explore and expose to the Nigerian populace the benefits, technologies as well as how ITS can be deployed in Nigeria majoring my interest on Advanced traveler information system. In a highly mobile society, accurate and timely traffic information can help travelers
more » ... ch their destinations quickly and safely. To serve this information need, Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) that provide real-time pre-trip and en route traveler information are introduced to help drivers avoid congestion and choose timesaving and safe route. This research work highlights examples of countries that have already and are deploying ITS. It equally went further to explain the technologies involved and the working principles, limiting ITS application to only Advance traveler Information System.
doi:10.1061/9780784404645.ch20 fatcat:2mlbm6fvezb6dctswx3v3e35uy