Upanayana Saṃskāra Vis-A-Vis Sandhyāvandanam for Refined Personality

Ramesh Bhat Y, Shripathi Adiga, Nirmalya Guha, N Shunmugom, Sebstian Pedickaparambil
2022 Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International Journal  
Upanayana saṃskāra (thread ceremony), one among the Ṣoḍaṣa saṃskāras (sixteen ritual) described in Indian culture - Hindu philosophy, is the right through which a man is initiated into the vows of the guru, the Vedas (wisdom), the restrains (penance), observances, values and vicinity of God (ideals). It is an important saṃskāra performed in the crucial adolescent age of an individual, with a view to boost the physical, psychological, moral, social and spiritual life of an individual. In the
more » ... ent scenario, the increasing use of modern gadgets, indiscreet use of social media, inadequate moral education have resulted in lowered concentration levels, diminished memory, deteriorating practical skills besides increased stress-anxiety-depression levels in adolescents. Upanayana saṃskāra is being observed just as a symbolic ceremony in most part of the society who perform it, while only very selected few have understanding of the core intention of it as included in the ancient Indian classics. This article is an earnest attempt to briefly apprehend and analyze a few aspects of the Upanayana saṃskāra such as the season and time of performance, the age, the Kaupīna, Yagnopavita, Sandhyāvandanam, Gāyatri japa and such others and their contribution in enhancing the physical, intellectual, psychological and social wellbeing with specific reference to Indian classical Vedic literature. As Vedic literature strongly described, meaningful performance of Upanayana saṃskāra followed by regular practice of Sandhyāvandanam will not only enhance scholastic performance but also bring about comprehensive development of an individual and discipline in the society.
doi:10.36018/dsiij.v20i.262 fatcat:z2gtgh5qw5e7pmshrslntwytwi