Interstate Commerce Commission, Report of the Accident Investigation Occurring on the SOUTHERN RAILWAY, ALEXANDRIA, VA

Mo. 234 In rot Investigation of accident whioh ocourred on the Southern Railway, near Alexandria, Va,. on November 24. 1914* On November 24th, 1914, there waa a rear end collision between two freight trains on the Southern Hallway, ne.^r Alex andria, Va., whioh resulted in the death of one employee. After an investigation into the nature and causae of this aooldent, the Chief of tho Division of Safety reports as follows: The trains involved In this accident were northbound Southern Hy. freight
more » ... uthern Hy. freight train 3rd 74, whioh bad stopped to set off Oars at a siding known «SE Seminary, within the Tard Limits of Alex andria, and northbound Chesapeake & Ohio freight train Ho. 88. Chesapeake & Ohio trains use the track of the Southern Hallway between Orange, ye., and Alexandria, Va. Southern Railway train 3rd 74, drawn by engine 4603, In charge of in^ineman A.n^si and Conductor Purvis, consisting of 48 loaded Cfsrs nnd caboose, left ^lonn^SH^, Vs., at 1.35 a.m. They stalled at Fairfax, Ye., and hat" to '! cubic? to Fairfax Grose-over, when eoupling on to the rear portion of their train a drawbar was broken on the rear end of a or of live stock. This oar was then taken to "idaburn, a spur track ibout 14 miles south of Alexandria, aad set off in order to place it m the rear end of the train. «hen tbe engine returned, C. & 0. tsiln Wo. 96 bad arrived, and was stand ing behind the remaining portion, of 3rd 74*a train. Conductor Purvis asked Enginemen Carter of trnivi -B to out off and assist them in start ing their train. Conductor -urvib slso notiflad him to look out for them at **ldebum, where they #©r<<> to pick up a oar of live atook. Train 3rd 74 then proceeded to Q IR 1 eburn > picked up the car of stock,
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