A White Wheat Variety, 'Joongmo2004' with High Milling, Good Noodle Quality and Moderate Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight

Chon-Sik Kang, Young-Keun Cheong, Kyeong-Hoon Kim, Hag-Sin Kim, Young-Jin Kim, Kyong-Ho Kim, Jong-Chul Park, Hyung-Ho Park, Hong-Sik Kim, Sung-Ju Kang, Hong-Jip Choi, Jung-Gon Kim (+5 others)
2014 Korean Journal of Breeding Science  
Joongmo2004', a winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivar was developed by the National Institute of Crop Science, RDA. It was derived from the cross 'Bacanora88/Keumkang//Keumkang' during 1996. 'Joongmo2004' was evaluated as 'Iksan320' in advance yield trial test in 2006. It was tested in the regional yield trial test between 2007 and 2009. Its heading date was April 26 in upland and April 23 in paddy filed conditions, and Maturity date was June 5 in upland and June 4 in paddy field, which
more » ... ere similar to Keumkang, respectively. It showed 830 in number of spikes per m 2 , 35 of grain number per spike, 44.9g of 1,000 grain weight, and 806g of test weight. 'Joongmo2004' showed moderate to fusarium graminearum (Scab) in test of specific character although 'Keumkang' is susceptible to scab. 'Joongmo2004' had higher flour yield (75.5%) than 'Keumkang'(72.5%). 'Joongmo2004' showed similar ash (0.42%), lower protein content (12.3%), SDS-sedimentation volume (43.0 ml) and gluten content (10.3%) than 'Keumkang' (0.42%, 13.1%, 57.8ml and 10.8%, respectively). It showed higher lightness (89.97), redness (-1.38) and yellowness (10.76) in flour color than 'Keumkang' (89.61, -1.15 and 9.46, respectively). 'Joongmo2004' exhibited lower hardness (3.50N), similar springiness and higher cohesiveness of cooked noodles (0.92 and 0.65) compared to 'Keumkang' (4.54N, 0.93, and 0.63, respectively). The average grain yield in the regional yield trial was 517 kg/10a in upland and 534 kg/10a in paddy field, which were 11% lower and 3% higher than that of the check cultivar, 'Keumkang', respectively.
doi:10.9787/kjbs.2014.46.3.276 fatcat:x7fou4myazh4rlvlmegdcqfvbq