Prophylaxis of lobar pneumonia

J.M. Anders
1904 Public Health  
Septmb~r, 190~] Prophylaxis of Lobar Pneumonia 777 no time did any local symptoms appear at the site of injections. On the thirteenth day, the temperature rose to 101 °, and on the fourteenth, immediately after taking a warm bath, a red, papular, blotchy eruption broke out on the forehead and spread quite rapidly to the face, neck, and chest. The temperature remained above normal for two days, when it fell to normal about the same time that the unmistakably typical fullgrown, rubeolous rash
more » ... rubeolous rash began to fade. An uneventful recovery promptly followed without any complications, the desquamation being branny. During the entire illness there was freedom from respiratory symptoms, and during the pro-eruptive period there were no special local symptoms ( Morbilli sine catarrh@ In the second experiment the blood was furnished by a girl, 21 years old, who passed through an uncomplicated attack of typical measles. About thirty hours after the earliest appearance of the rash, which still was coming out on the extremities, 10 co. of blood were withdrawn and distributed equally among four flasks, each containing 50 co. of broth and 25 co. of ascites fluid. These flasks all remained perfectly sterile. After twenty-four hours, 5 co. of the mixture of blood and ascites-broth were injected subcutaneously in the back of a man who had not had measles. He, too, xvas recovering from a mild attack of scarlet fever. There were no local changes at the site of the injection. On the eleventh day the temperature rose to 99"8 ° F., and the next day a mild conjunctivitis became definitely apparent. On the thirteenth day there was some cough, the tonsils were bright and red, and there was an increased amount of mucus in the throat. The temperature gradually rose to 103 ° . During the next night a typical rubeolous eruption came out, the first spots being noticed on the nose, and then on the forehead, face, scalp, chest, back, and abdomen. The forehead was quite uniformly red. Recovery was prompt. The virus of measles is present in the blood of patients with typical measles, some time at least during the first thirty hours of the eruption, and it retains its virulence for at least twenty-four hours, when such blood is inoculated into ascites-broth and kept at 37 ° G.
doi:10.1016/s0033-3506(04)80163-x fatcat:z6b7lamgpnf35obvafmlufbqde