Research and Application of Precision Fertilizer Application Algorithm Based on PSO Optimized Fuzzy PID Control [post]

Changxin Fu, Zhang Lixin, Ma Xiao
2021 unpublished
In irrigation's process and fertilizer application in production of agriculture, the accuracy of fertilizer application and water maintains at a relatively low level, which results in waste of soil slabbing and resources. In this research, a fuzzy PID algorithm based on PSO optimization is designed to control the fertilizer application process and irrigation of the fertilizer applicator. Firstly, a mathematical model of the fertilizer applicator is established according to the relevant modules
more » ... nd corresponding parameters. Based on the MATLAB/Simulink platform, the PID controller, the fuzzy PID controller and the controller proposed in this article are constructed respectively, which can be applied to the established transfer functions. The simulation outcomes demonstrate that the response time of the control algorithm proposed in this research is shortened to 30s, compared to fuzzy PID and PID, which is 62.5% and 50% shorter respectively, and the overshoot of the control algorithm in this article is nearly 0 of apart from the early oscillation. In order to verify the algorithm's reliability in practical application, this research designs groups of different pressure for the accuracy control test, the test consequences illustrate that the fuzzy PID control based on PSO optimization has excellent control effect under each pressure. The control accuracy is concentrated at around 2%, while PID control maintains around 20% and fuzzy PID control distributed at 10%.The results show that the control algorithm proposed in this research enhances the irrigation accuracy in the practical application process.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:vippkek2vfgyjjnfuo6ov2m4ji