Limited-view Photoacoustic Imaging Reconstruction With Dual Domain Inputs Under Mutual Information Constraint [article]

Jiadong Zhang, Hengrong Lan, Changchun Yang, Shanshan Guo, Feng Gao, Fei Gao
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Based on photoacoustic effect, photoacoustic tomography is developing very fast in recent years, and becoming an important imaging tool for both preclinical and clinical studies. With enough ultrasound transducers placed around the biological tissue, PAT can provide both deep penetration and high image contrast by hybrid usage of light and sound. However, considering space and measurement environmental limitations, transducers are always placed in a limited-angle way, which means that the other
more » ... side without transducer coverage suffers severe information loss. With conventional image reconstruction algorithms, the limited-view tissue induces artifacts and information loss, which may cause doctors misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis. In order to solve limited-view PA imaging reconstruction problem, we propose to use both time domain and frequency domain reconstruction algorithms to get delay-and-sum (DAS) image inputs and k-space image inputs. These dual domain images share nearly same texture information but different artifact information, which can teach network how to distinguish these two kinds of information at input level. In this paper, we propose Dual Domain Unet (DuDoUnet) with specially designed Information Sharing Block (ISB), which can further share two domains' information and distinguish artifacts. Besides, we use mutual information (MI) with an auxiliary network, whose inputs and outputs are both ground truth, to compensate prior knowledge of limited-view PA inputs. The proposed method is verified with a public clinical database, and shows superior results with SSIM = 93.5622% and PSNR = 20.8859.
arXiv:2011.06147v1 fatcat:lez3bguhq5adljoh2n5afxc6ce