Data Quality And Run Selection For Sno+

2018 Zenodo  
SNO+ is a multipurpose liquid scintillator neutrino detector, with the main goal of searching for 0νββ 0\nu\beta\beta decay in Te-130, as well as studying solar ν \nu s, geo- and reactor- ν¯ \bar{\nu} s, and supernovae ν \nu s. Located in SNOLAB, it reuses the SNO experiment's hardware: PMTs, electronics, and acrylic vessel. SNO+ is currently running in water phase to study backgrounds and perform a search for nucleon decay. A careful monitoring of the detector state, such as hardware
more » ... hardware configuration, slow control information, data handling and trigger settings, is performed at all times to ensure the quality of data taken. Automatic checks have been developed to serve as input to higher level run selection tools that will ultimately perform a final decision on the goodness of a run for a given physics analysis. Here we describe in detail the tools that the collaboration has developed to ensure the quality of the data taken and to select golden runs for physics analysis during the water phase.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1300902 fatcat:cci5cl6umvgyzi6fw7dkr7ojry