Cost-Aware Migration to Functions-as-a-Service Architecture

Adam Stafford, Farshad Ghassemi Toosi, Anila Mjeda
2021 European Conference on Software Architecture  
Serverless functions, also known as Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS), provide the capabilities of running functional code without the requirement of provisioning or managing the underlying infrastructure with the potential to significantly reduce overall running costs. FaaS can provide a quick time to market, reduced server management overhead, and with the pay-peruse model of FaaS, billing is based solely on the number of requests, execution time, and memory consumption. Although FaaS is a
more » ... area of cloud computing, there is a lack of industry standards for the migration process of monolithic applications to FaaS architecture. Without this, when opting to migrate to this architecture style there is little or no roadmap to guide with best practices. This may result in functions underperforming and incurring a higher cost than necessary. The migration technique outlined in this paper explores the area of FaaS, proposing a new set of guidelines to rectify these shortcomings. This research aims to find the ideal structure for running serverless functions optimised to reduce memory consumption and running costs. Two experiments are executed, the first analyses the behaviour of serverless functions throughout several refactoring iterations. The second experiment extracts serverless functions from a monolithic application. A migration technique is then created for migrating a monolithic application to FaaS architecture based on these findings.
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