The Architectural Characteristics of Unjoru House in Gurye
구례 운조루(雲鳥樓)의 건축적 특성

Sun-Joo Jang
2014 Journal of the Korean housing association  
The main purpose of this research is to understand how the problems, which existing letter-shape houses have, are solved in Unjoru which is one of the letter-shape houses. Furthermore, there is the secondary purpose which is to realize the architectural characteristics of Unjoru through the process from the composition of rooms and buildings to the method of structure and roof formation. This research was approached in terms of architectural design, and as the result, the problems of the
more » ... blems of the existing letter-shape houses was resolved by literally converting the shape of outdoor space to 品shape form. Moreover through the result, it was recognized that the 占-Shape plan was flexible in responding to the demand of the times, such as the order of precedency within men and women and each generation. In addition to the previous results, it was confirmed that the location of major rooms was also decided by considering the interrelationship with natural environment of surrounding area. Also, in the whole proportion of building's plan, each building, such as ㄷ -shape Anchae and big-sized and middle-sized Sarangchae having 丁-shape form, and major rooms in the each building have proportion system such as 1:1, 3:4, 1: , and 3:5 as aesthetic numerical value. Finally, it was understood that the architectural intention had double-sided characters, one side was authority and dignity in the aspect of shape and another side was practicality in aspect of inner housing life.
doi:10.6107/jkha.2014.25.5.083 fatcat:hk3jpvl65jfetgopyp3xmcujci