A unified analysis of PWM converters in discontinuous modes

D. Maksimovic, S. Cuk
1991 IEEE transactions on power electronics  
Three discontinuous operating modes of PWM converters are considered in this paper-the discontinuous inductor current mode (DICM), the discontinuous capacitor voltage mode (DCVM) and a previously unidentified mode named discontinuous quasi-resonant mode (DQRM). DC and smallsignal ac analyses are applicable to all basic PWM converter topologies. Any particular topology is taken into account via its well-known dc conversion ratio in the continuous conduction mode. The small-signal model is of the
more » ... nal model is of the same order as the statespace averaged model for the continuous mode, and it offers improved predictions of the low-frequency dynamics of PWM converters in the discontinuous modes. It is shown that converters in discontinuous modes exhibit lossless damping similar to the effect of the current-mode programming.
doi:10.1109/63.85890 fatcat:4whi6yt3vvhengt5cfycvr4vau