Gap between pediatric and adult approvals of molecular targeted drugs

Satoshi Nishiwaki, Yuichi Ando
2020 Scientific Reports  
To clarify the approval status of molecular targeted antineoplastic drugs in the United States (U.S.), the European Union (E.U.), and Japan (JP), we checked the status of pediatric indications according to the package insert of each drug. A total of 103 drugs were approved for adult patients in at least one of the three regions whereas only 19 drugs were approved for pediatric patients. Sixty-six of 103 drugs (64.1%) had adult indications in the U.S., the E.U., and JP, whereas only three drugs
more » ... ad pediatric indications in all three regions. Abnormalities in six genes (NRAS, ABL1, JAK2, KIT, ALK and BRAF) were common in childhood cancers as well as adult cancers, for which at least one approved drug could be a potentially actionable drug. Although there were 16 candidate drugs that had adult indications for these abnormalities, only three drugs (18.8%) had pediatric indications. We confirmed that there were few molecular targeted antineoplastic drugs with pediatric indications in the U.S., the E.U., and JP compared with the number of approved drugs for adults. Drugs targeting genomic abnormalities which were common in both adult and pediatric cancers were considered to be good candidates for expansion of their indication for pediatric patients.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-73028-w pmid:33051474 fatcat:wbipaei7zrhpdij2tcoqb2nx6u